Hotel managers: how can I increase direct booking on my web?

If there is one thing FITUR 2018 made sure we listened to is that the growth of the tourism sector is far from stopping. 2018 will be, according to the experts, even better than 2017. Even better? Are you serious? Ok, so let’s do this!

If you have a hotel in Spain and even more precisely in Mallorca (which is where you’ll find Estudio Palm), you will probably be thinking: 2018 is going to be MY year. And you’re right. It will be. But it is important that you take into account that you can take advantage of the good conditions and predictions related to the tourism sector to go one step further.

One step further from the (highly disproportionate) percentages you have to pay booking platforms like Expedia, Booking (yes, we’re talking to you, Booking) and all others like them, one step towards increasing the direct bookings through your website and, consequently, increase your profitability.

Getting reservations directly through your website is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible (because, as our friends say at Adidas say: ‘impossible is nothing’, right?).

It is clear that your starting point is a good website. If you want to attract people to YOUR product and YOUR territory, you have to give them plenty to feel comfortable with. You web must be easy to use and attractive, it has to have a proper booking system, many call-to-action visible and hidden and overall it always has to have YOUR added value. Your obligation is to offer the same rates on your web than you have published all over the internet and on travel agencies and platforms, but you have to add an extra-something that nobody else can use better than yourself: an additional incentive. Offer some kind of free service, free wifi, courtesy Champagne bottle, late check-out and early check-in, etc. The possibilities are infinite and the client will find not only the best price on your web, but will have a special something extra to decide to book directly. By having all these elements on your website you are getting closer to increase your direct bookings significantly. But now it’s time for digital marketing to kick in. You have to actually direct traffic to your web. So: how to do that?

You have two open channels to do so: work on SEO positioning & Google AdWords for you web and managing your social media channels focusing on getting traffic on your web. And, just like when you are due for a haircut you go to the hairdresser, as she/he will probably know best how to cut it, if you want to increase traffic to your website through social media, it’s time to contact us at Estudio Palm; we will know how to help you out!