5 social media trends for your business

Social media seems to evolve every minute. Let’s say it out loud: give us a break! But we like to live on the edge (or maybe we have just gotten used to it) and that is why at Estudio Palm we’re always keep up with whatever the God of social media (also known as Mark Zuckerberg) is pulling out his sleeve.

While it is true that some social platforms have managed to position itself as a crucial element of digital marketing, the way of communicating, as well as the behaviour of the audience and the new and updated functions of the different social channels, continue to change and develop day by day. In order to manage your business’ social media platforms correctly and taking advantage of them, at Estudio Palm we have prepared a selection of 5 trends standing out these days.

5 social media trends you should be following:

Social E-commerce

Who does not like to buy? Ok, we practically see no hands lifted. This is why all of us are (at least a little bit) happier when we get something new: a watch, a sweatshirt, sneakers, a mobile case or well, a house or a car (this is getting out of hands!). Let’s get down to the hard data: 75% of users say they made a purchase because they saw it on social networks and 57% claim that they are more likely to buy from a brand they already follow on social media. WOW. We don’t have much to add to these figures, but the truth is that brands have to take advantage of the shopping habits of social media users and the proximity that is generated on social networks to understand these as a sales platform.

Messaging apps & direct communication

This is where it all starts and the big and revolutionary factor about marketing. The value of being able to communicate with our followers, clients or potential clients is incalculable. In 2017 (and the year to come), messaging apps like Facebook Messenger have been a key element to generate interaction, offering an excellent customer service and creating a personalized experience. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, primarily, allow customers to receive the help they need quickly and easily, instead of having to wait on waiting lists or wait for an answer via email.

Promoted posts and Ads

Everyone of us working on social media know that the general trend on the different social media channels is that we have to invest more and more money on Facebook campaigns and posts to gain visibility. And even though this fate is inevitable (and we’re kind of bothered by it, Mr. Zuckerberg), we can not lose sight of the correct functioning and maximization of this resource. Facebook is undoubtedly the king and absolute leader in advertising revenue. In 2016 it generated over 7000 million dollars, of which 80% came from mobile ads. If in 2016 the algorithm of ‘Latest news’ on Facebook changed to prioritize contend of family and friends (to be honest we’re also not so into always having to see your friend’s baby instead of some delicious dessert by a cool restaurant, right?), the efforts in what remains of 2017 and 2018 have to focus on attracting the attention of users with our visual content more effectively. And how do you do that? Easy: just call Estudio Palm.

Ephemeral content

At Estudio Palm we’re very fond of ephemeral content on social media. Snapchat has led to the popularity of ephemeral content and was later on adopted by Instagram and Facebook stories. This type of content let’s us generate much more proximity, sense of belonging and opens an even more intimate communication path between brand and user. Good news is that this trend is still in absolute bloom and we will continue to be able to show the most human side of your business.

Micro & macro influencers

Let’s just say it how it really is. We are most likely to believe what a person we follow / we trust says about a Brand than what the own Brand has to say about themselves. This is just like the difference between what your mother or your Friends has to say. If your mom says the new dress you bought looks great on you, you’re happy and thankful. If your friend says that that new dress you bought looks spectacular on you, let’s face it: you will probably wear it for the next five dinners in a row. Online presence of influencers and what they can do for your Brand continues to be an important trend, because honestly we just have to trust FORBES when they say that 85% of the users are more eager to trust content generated by others than by the Brand itself. Big news of 2017 have been ‘micro-influencers’. A world away of the millions of followers influencers can brag of, these are profiles with less followers, more anonymous persons with a high level of interaction and a great relationship with their followers, which is very attractive for brands. Simple: this is a friend who you trust, so he/she could surely not be lying to you.

If you like social media, if you would like to keep up of the latest trends in this business and know how to manage your businesses profile, you are more than welcome to continue to visit our blog. If you need a professional management of your business’ social media platforms, in addition to following our blog, you can send us an e-mail at info@estudiopalm.com, because we are convinced that we can do your business some serious good.