Is it really important to manage TripAdvisor for my business?

“Dear TripAdvisor, we don’t know what to think about you: there are some days we totally love you and some other we definitely hate you, but if there is one thing we can say about you is that you are always there, giving us exactly the answers we were looking for. “

If you can relate to our little love statement, you probably already have the answer to the question: is it really important to manage TripAdvisor for my business? We are ready to let you know why it is so important to take good care of your business’ TripAdvisor profile:

Since the beginning, TripAdvisor has been an opinion platform. Just like every platform on which emotions, perceptions and subjectivity play an important role, TripAdvisor could be understood as a double edged sword: when it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad…. It’s really bad. But the absolutely most determining factor of this platform is that the developers have never let businesses have an absolute and total control of what gets to be published on it.

Picture by Estudio Palm for Randemar Restaurante

TripAdvisor is intended to be a reliable source of information about businesses all over the world. This gives users a special power and has converted this platform into the most important opinion portal when it comes down to looking after a brand’s online reputation and promote proximity to user. We’ll just put it this way: if there is one place where people surely are talking about my brand, I better be there to manage it, use it and taking advantage of it, right? Said straight and simple:

‘TripAdvisor opinions have strong influence on bookings and shopping experience’

A recent study by PhoCusWright shows that 83% of users say that opinions help them to choose a hotel that best meet their expectations. 80% reads between 6 and 12 opinions before booking a hotel or restaurant and 53% won’t even book before taking a look at TripAdvisor opinions. This is what we call INFLUENCE.

Even though there have been several cases in which the nature of some opinions of TripAdvisor has been questioned, truth is that this platform has developed an advanced control system and has managed to position itself as the most relevant opinion platform for user and, consequently, for businesses.

Picture by Estudio Palm for Randemar Restaurante

Do you need help to manage your businesses TripAdvisor profile or are you looking for community management services in Mallorca? Contact us, we would love to help you out!