Facebook post reach: what is it and why do I have to notice it?

When we think about a Facebook page, we immediately think about likes, about the amount of followers. It is only natural that you would think that the impact of your brand on Facebook is proportional to the amount of followers you have or the number of likes your posts get on your page. But this is where we come in to take down this myth.

Facebook post reach matters more than likes

Even though having a nice amount of followers on Facebook gives your business or brand credibility, it is far from being the most important number on your Facebook statistics. And if you’re thinking: of course, it’s the number of likes I have on my posts, we have to say: ‘wrong again!’. It is not the number of likes you get on your posts. The number of likes you get are important for other to see that what you’re publishing is interesting and also for the tricky and not-so-loved Facebook algorithm (a.k.a. the most impossible thing every built by the A-team of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire) to give your page more visibility, as if you’re getting likes, it means you’re interesting and this leads to higher visibility.

But the most important number of your Facebook statistics is actually the reach of your posts. So let’s start with the basics:

What is the Facebook post reach?

Reach is the number of people that have seen your content. It’s as easy as this. How many Facebook users have taken a look on one of your posts. Reach is always a unique number, it’s different than impressions, because impressions actually show how often content was seen by people you reached. So if your mom has seen your beautiful profile pic more than once, impressions increase, but reach doesn’t’. Moving forward…

Post reach versus page reach

Page reach is usually a bigger number, as it is the number of people who views any content associated wit your page, including posts, a photo album, stories, ads or anything related to your page on their news feed. The post reach, as you might guess, gives you the number of people who say a certain post of your page, so you can examine and analyze the type of content your sharing and how many people have seen what.

So now that you know what Facebook reach is, we can get to the most important advice for you: check you reach, it’s the number you will want to keep track on! It matters how many people are actually seeing what you’re publishing, which is one of the ultimate goals of being on social media: to be seen.

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